Essential studio equipment

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Well, it seems every electronic band with a website needs to show pictures of their music gear. Perhaps, for a change, people would like to see studio items that aren't necessarily sound generating things? With that in mind, here's a list of essential studio items in the Bleepin' J. Squawkins studios that you will never hear on any of their releases:


A comfortable and familiar mug: nothing says "I belong here" than your very own mug. mmmm.. comfort items....
Oblique strategies: Amazing piece of work by composer Brian Eno and painter Peter Schmidt. The oblique strategies is a deck of cards that provides random directions (or dilemas) when needed during the creative process.... Would you like to know what the card was picked when writing this studio page? the card said "be dirty"
A nice solid desk: The Jerker - from Ikea. It's a brilliant desk, with lots of space, and cool extra side bits that make good speaker stands. Julian and Ed both own one. The desk's name still cracks them up, even after 3 years.
Inspiring artwork made by friends: Here is a picture drawn by Julian's friend, Kat in 2002.
Dennis: Dennis lives in Julian's studio. His hobbies include biting people (while purring!) climbing up on mixing desks, biting people, miaowing loudly when he wants food (which is all the time) and biting people.

Minnie & Mu: Minnie and Mu live in Ed's studio. Mu is a brown burmese, her hobbies include being the most relaxed, zen cat in the world, and pooing in inappropriate places. Minnie is a chocolate burmese, she is the Derek Zoolander of the cat world.


Electronics workspace: Because electronic equipment breaks, it's good to be able to fix it yourself. Over the years, a lot of Ed and Julian's gear was bought broken for cheap, and fixed up. Oh, and sometimes it's fun to make your own gear.
A sofa: It's nice to be able to sit down and listen to music you are working on with even a small bit of distance that a sofa across the room can give. A sofa across from the computer also means you can chuck a DVD in the computer, sit back, and watch movies rather than write music. Or content for a website, even.


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