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Upcoming Gigs:

Fri, 8th Aug, 2008
Moral Panic! - Hermanns Bar, Sydney uni
Bleepin' J. Squawkins live, w/ Bonesonly(live) DJs ravertron, mukole, and tuc, and performances from scary d + the cake lady, the butcher femme, and Jessee-Liina and La Donna Rama. $10/5 on the door. starting from 9pm!
flyer is HERE!

Past Gigs:

Sat, 1st May, 2008
Kooky 13th Birthday - Hermanns Bar, Sydney uni
Bleepin' J. Squawkins, kooky Kids, Ghetto Pussy, Bunny Hoopstar, & more.

Thur, 24th Apr, 2008
Snog tour - The Gaelic Club
Bleepin' J. Squawkins, with Snog, and the IVD.

Fri, 19th Oct, 2007
Kooky CD launch - Hermanns Bar, Sydney uni
Bleepin' J. Squawkins, with Kooky Kids, The Blush Foundation, and about 10000000000 awesome performers of all types.

Sat, 24th Feb, 2007
Creme Tour - Hermanns Bar, Sydney uni
Bleepin' J. Squawkins, with DJ TLR, Orgue Electronique, Legowelt, And DJs Non Ferrous, and Dave Slade

Tue, 5th June, 2007
Mr Mary's, redfern
Bleepin' DJ set. w/ Press Eject, Snout Cassette, and Drama Club

Fri, 26th Jan, 2007
Sydney festival Becks Bar (Hyde park Barracks)
Bleepin' J. Squawkins w/ Afra and the Incredible Beatbox Band, Telemetery Orchestra, Curse ov Dialect, Blox.

Sat, 4th Nov, 2006
Bondi Hotel
Bleepin' J. Squawkins w/ Ruby Love rocks, DJ Esky.

Fri, 3rd Nov, 2006
Club Kooky - Club77
Bleepin' J. Squawkins w/ Lull(performance piece) DJs Gemma, Seymour Butz, Ob.

Sat, 26th Aug, 2006
Live - The Gaelic club
Bleepin' J. Squawkins w/ The Blush Foundation, Grand, Ruby Love Rocks, The Crystalline Effect, and The Graphics - all live Sydney electronica festival.

Fri, 28th Jul, 2006
SPRUNG! - Hermanns
Bleepin' J. Squawkins vs Dollface w/ Severed Heads, Winduptoys (album launch) & Lunar Module.

Tues, 18th Jul, 2006
nightfall - Hopetoun Hotel
Bleepin DJ set w/ Neuropa, Junk Circuit & Lunar Module.

Sun, 1st Jan, 2006
Pub Day - Hermanns
w/ too many other bands and DJs to list here properly.

Sat, 5th Nov, 2005
Reverb - Bar Broadway
Julian Bleepin DJ set w/ Crackwhore, Crystalline Effect, paper Scissors, Maxwell stone & DJ Ava.

Fri, 14th Oct, 2005
Bloodlust - Rogues bar
Julian Bleepin, DJ set w/ DJs Sveta, Neotokyo, Virulent, Decker.

Thu, 11th Aug, 2005
Revenge of the synth - mandarin club
Bleepin DJ set w/ Deprogram, DSICO, Lunar Module, Valley Forge

Sun, 20th Jun, 2005
Frigid - @Newtown
w/ DJs Seb, Ding, Some Freak.

Sun, 12th Jun, 2005
Meccanoid 'Casino royale' - Honkytonks, Melbourne
w/ DJs Glitch, Quirk, Toupee, Not Happy Jan, Portal, Hysteric, Pussyfoot, Dicko.

Sun, 22nd May, 2005
Bob Moog's Birthday - Hopetoun
Bleepin DJ set w/ Severed Heads, DSICO, Deprogram, Valley Forge, Lunar Module, Electroteque

Sun, 12th Dec, 2004
REAL LIFE - @Newtown
w/ Real Life, Lux Voltaire, Junk Circuit.

Fri 19th Nov, 2004
CONSOLE - Manning Bar, Sydney Uni.
w/ Alphatown Collective,

Fri 22nd Oct, 2004
KILLER - ARQ Nightclub.
w/ Detroit Grand Pubahs, DJs Larry Tee, Jon Wall, Mark, Murphy, Sveta,

Sat 4th Sep, 2004
MECCANOID - The Public Office, Melbourne.
w/ DJs Glitch, Quirk, Toupee, Not Happy Jan, Agent86.

Fri 27th Aug, 2004
CONSOLE - Manning Bar, Sydney Uni.
w/ Deprogram, Senator j1m, Tao city sounds.

Fri 16th Jul, 2004
Circuits Du Soleil - double ALBUM launch
launching Bleepin' J. Squawkins - Floppydisco, and Doppler shift Electro selections.


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