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Welcome to the Bleepin' J. Squawkins website.

Live show
Bleepin J squawkins back at HAHA, for their 6th birthday. It's another versus night, and we will be supporting Kenny Larkin fron Detroit, plus Simon Caldwell, Dean Dixon, Dave Fernandes, and Jack Obsolete. At the Marrickville Bowling Club, Saturday 2nd April. The HAHA versus nights have been going from strength to strength, and there's going to be some awesome music to be experienced (yes, even if we do say so ourselves) and fun to be had.
The flyer!
HAHA's event page!
ANYWAY: 2nd April, Corner of Sydenham Rd and Fitzroy st, Marrickville. You should come, and dance.

Live show
Bleepin J squawkins plays tonight (11th Dec 2010) at Manning bar, Sydney Uni. Celebrating 15 yeats of club kooky! YAY!
like all club kooky events, it's going to be great fun. Our contribution to the neight is going to be in the form of live music and video, and we'll be joined on stage by our good friend Elle from Actual Russian Brides, who we actually met playing on the same night at another kooky a few years ago.
Doors open at 9pm, and it'll run nice and late.
Manning Bar, Manning Rd, Sydney Uni.

umm.. hello!
so.. we're obviously not the best internet marketing machine on the web.... we've been doing plenty of interesting things in the year and ahalf since this was just updated, we promise. We've played a few gigs that we probably should have listed here in advance, and Ed has been working on a video synthesiser which doesn't make cool noises, but does make fun pictures... really need to post more about that later. Mostly because it makes some really crazy colours, but at the very least because it's starting to make appearances at our live shows...
Anyway - hello! nice to see you here.

Live show
Bleepin' J. Squawkins plays on Saturday night, 4/7/09 at BANDWIDTH - a big festival of live Clan Analogue acts.. w/ dj andy rantzen, lunar module, valley forge, telafonica, loopsnake (luminarsi), karoshi, kate carr, electrofetish, aeriae, actual russian brides, genlevel, foxbat, and dj tigerlilly (we said it ws big!!)
Entry just $7. doors open at 5pm, and it's all over by midnight.
The Red rattler theater. 6 Favisham st, Marrickville.

Live show
Bleepin' J. Squawkins plays on Sunday afternoon, 17/5/09 at Sunday Wreckovery. w/ Novakill, 15-11 enterprises, and Valley Forge all playing live, and Telafonica DJing. Entry just $10. doors open at 4pm, and it's all over by 9pm. Being a sunday afternoon show, we're going to have a bunch of fun with a slow swung out acidy liveset. And no laptop.... probably.
The fun is at the Excelsior hotel, on Fauveaux st, Surry Hills.

Live show
Bleepin' J. Squawkins plays on the Saturday of the Easter long weekend, 11/4/09 Under The radar 03 - DEEP SPACE ENCOUNTER! w/ Dean Dixon, Modifi, Dave Fernandes, and Jimi Polar! Warehouse event, BYO, $15 on the door. starting from 11pm. Secret location - see for details!

Live show
Bleepin' J. Squawkins plays at BARELY LEGAL! on Sunday of the easter long weekend - 12/4/09 - celebrating the RED RATTLER now a POPE (place of public entertainment) and finally becoming (after a years hard work) a proper legal venue for all sorts of cool events in the future. And raise money to pay for all the fire safety work they had to do.. $15/20 on the door. featuring - Jess Olivieri, Hayley Forward and the Parachutes for Ladies, Matt Stegh and Justin Shoulder, Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris, Feva, Renny Kodgers, Vashti Hughes, Kelli Jean, and The Tranny Cops with Bleepin J Squawkins and DJ Gemma! info is HERE!

Live show
Bleepin' J. Squawkins plays at Moral Panic! w/ Bonesonly(live), DJs on the night are ravertron, mukole, and tuc, and performances from scary d + the cake lady, the butcher femme, and Jessee-Liina and La Donna Rama. $10/5 on the door. starting from 9pm.
flyer is HERE!

Live show
On 8th August, we're climbing back on the liveset horsie, at a club called Moral Panic! more info as it arrives. yay!

Website back up!!
All this wordpress stuff we've been playing with is hard... though kinda fun. Still, it's going to be a little while till we get the new site built right, seeing as we'd rather be doing music than working out how to use wordpress themes as a site rather than just a blog, so the temp page has gone away for now. Watch our totally non web-designer experiments slowly evolve here

Live show
On Sat 1st May, we're back at kooky for their awesome 13th birthday party!! it's going to be a great night, as the kookykids party on like only they know how.

Live show
With Julian fresh back from a trip overseas, on thursday 24th April 08, we're playing at the Gaelic Club, supporting SNOG. This is a thursday night, but it's all good, cause friday 25th is ANZAC day... :-)

The night will run pretty early, being a live band night. The IVD will be opening sometime after 8. We're on 9:30-ish, and snog is on 10:3-ish, with it all wrapped up by midnight.

New Kooky compilation launch
On fri 19th Oct 07, we're ending our 6 month (and a bit!) break from performing, with a super gig alongside The Blush Foundation, to launch the new club Kooky compilation CD. The gig is at Hermanns Bar (cnr City Rd and Butlin St, Sydney Uni) from 10pm. Kooky always has their bands on earlyish, so come early!

And bring money to buy the CD, because it has a new track from us you can't get anywhere else, and a new track from the blush foundation (and new tracks from heaps of other cool bands, too)

International Support
We're playing a show supporting Legowelt, Orgue Electronique, and DJ TLR from the Creme organisation in NL. Gig is 24th Feb, Hermanns, Sydney uni. Flyer here and more detailed info is here

And we're also assisting with a seminar on electronic music. involving them all, on the 26th Feb. information here

Big Gig
Come and watch us play as part of the Sydney festival! 26th Jan, Becks bar - Hyde park barracks. Big lineup. We're excited! Details here

Less Gigs
The gig on Dec 1 we mentioned below is cancelled. sorry for the inconvenience.

More Gigs
Catch us playing at Club Kooky @ 77 william st on Friday 3rd November. Then the next night, Sat 4th November, we're playing at the bondi Hotel, with Ruby Love Rocks. Then on 1st December, we're playing at the burdekin on Oxford street (other acts TBA)

International Radio
Radio International, picked as Tune of the week on Spacelab - a weekly electro radio show, based in Rome.

Gig Announcement
Bleepin' J. Squawkins will be performing live at Live - sydney electronica festival on Saturday 26th August alongside The Crystalline Effect, Grand, Ruby Love Rocks, The Blush Foundation, and The Graphics,

Gig Announcement
Bleepin' J. Squawkins will be performing live (with Dollface!) at SPRUNG! on Friday 28th July alongside Severed Heads, Winduptoys, and Lunar Module. Launching the new album from Winduptoys - "switched On".

Gig Announcement
Bleepin' J. Squawkins will be DJing at The Hopetoun Hotel On Tuesday 18th July, alongside Neuropa, Junk Circuit, & Lunar Module.

Myspace page
Because, like, everyone else has one, we had to get one too, so as to not feel left out... If you go and have a look, you can hear some of our tracks that aren't available here, as streaming audio. And look at photos of our new haircuts, and read about how our parents totally don't understand us, and how being grounded on school holidays sucks. You can then add us to your own myspace page, because everyone else has, and you don't want to feel left out!

iTunes availability
Floppydisco is now available on iTunes. Right now, it's available on itunes Australian and European sites, with availability on the main US site very soon.

Gig Announcement
Bleepin' J. Squawkins will be playing at PUB DAY Hermann's bar, Sydney university, on new years' day. A huge, fun, lineup of local acts, a great new venue, and most importantly, a place to hang out and drink cheap beer on new years' day!

DSICO - Fool released
New EP from sydney electro-pop lunatic DSICO features 5 new tracks, plus twelve remixes. One of which, is ours...

Melbourne gig review review of the last Bleepin' J. Squawkins show in Melbourne. Meccanoid 'Casino Royale' A great review of what we found to be a really great show to play!

Two gigs announced
Bleepin' J. Squawkins will be playing two shows - While we're meant to be having a break for playing, it seems we just can't say no to Meccanoid and will be playing the 12th June down in Melbourne. We are also playing a show in Sydney, at frigid, 26th June.

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Video clip for Minerva Moog(part 1) released.
RAGE seem to be playing it from time to time, Check here patiently every week to see when it's coming up next.

Beat magazine reviews Floppy Disc(o)

"There's no escape of the electro revival of the past couple of years. Every fucking producer claims to be electro this and electro that. Well, Bleepin' J Squawkins (Ed Leckie and Julian Higginson from Sydney) have captured the essence of electro both new and old with a dash of disco bump. You can leave your pretentious attitude and haircuts at the door, this album oozes all that is great from that rich bleep and squeak analogue era without the fucking wanker additive."
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In The Mix reviews Bleepin J Squawkins live.

"...but the night really belonged to the Squawkins guys. They've been pushing their sound since time was time, and it so happens that right now that those who say what's what have decided that their sound is THE sound. And what a sound it is: snarly, disco-infused electro goodness, tight and meaty and melodic and camp. It deserves all the airplay it's getting, and these guys are not zeitgeist-hogging pretenders - I'll bet anything that the pencil thin ties they sported are authentic items."
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In The Mix interviews Bleepin J Squawkins

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